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Because every time you see them you remember how sad they’re going to be. And it breaks your heart. Because what’s the point in them being happy now if they’re going to be sad later? The answer is, of course, because they’re going to be sad later.

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    Yo Nicki is legit fed up with people talking about her ass, though. Look at her face yo. She is genuinely INSULTED and not having it.

    Like this is a woman who just likes what she does and all anyone can ever focus on is her fucking ass and the fact she got ass shots or whatever. She’s not stupid. Give it a fucking rest.

    James Franco is a piece of shit. Because the only “value” or “talent” a Black woman could ever possess is her body or her ass, am I right? Fuck Franco and people who spout the same shit.
    Especially that “sitting on a gold mine” shit, saying she’s only attained her wealth by owning an ass? Fuck.

    where is this from and how can i watch it?

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    Tatiana doing the mouth thing

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    How can you make the two greatest assassins in the universe completely useless and boring?

    Oh man.

    I loved GotG, but this is fantastic and true.

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Exploring Kuhakuloa side △



    Exploring Kuhakuloa side △

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    Post Death rigamortis. →


    I feel stiff and stuck. Kind of between things kind of not.

    Guh, it sucks losing your favorite family member.

    There is a lot of weight on

    What am I supposed to do.

    I’m lonely and horny and crazy.

    I’ve also got about 35 k.

    A house to sell 2 cars, over a thousand tools probably.

    Damn its such…

    Trust your gut. Fuck everyone else. Keep the things that matter and make you feel good, and forget the rest. Travel. Explore. Meet everyone you can. You may be lonely, but you’re stronger that any of the bullshit that I hope isn’t getting you down too much.

    Breathing helps me. Finding that silence. Specifically that moment within the silence when everything comes together even if only for a second. And then everything becomes clear.

    Whatever makes you smile do it. I know this may sound a bit trite but take everything that has hit you in the face recently and approach it one step at a time.

    I got your back, even if it is from 3000 miles away.

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