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So I finally got around to recording a new mix!Sorry it’s taken so long!This is the first mix recorded on the new setup in my basement.Hope you enjoy it!
As always I’ve used a number of tracks provided by the wonderful Soundcloud community.Please support the artists if you like their track and leave them a comment.
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Odjbox - Birmingham
Chinese Man - Airchaut ft. Sweatlife’z Trumpet
Hugo Kant - Hittin’ The Bottle
Lazlo - Sucette
7quidstudio - The Ritz
In-Grid - Vive Le Swing (Dimi Koan Remix)
Sound Nomaden - Beautiful Music
Jimi Needles Vs. Randy Newman - Monsters Swing
Swing Republic - Peas and Rice (feat. Count Basie, Jimmy Rushing)
Parov Stelar - Diamonds
Frogs in Socks - It Don’t Mean A Thing
ZhamoZha - King Of Manouche
Don Johnston - Run Of The Miller
Groove Juice - Cafe Prague
Rockethead - Tic, tic, tic
Odjbox - Bakers Dozen
Incontrol - Kick Ass Swing
Phil Mac - Education

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